Adrienne Pedraza, MS, FCP

Adrienne Pedraza was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and loves sharing southern food and traditions with others.  She attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York for her undergraduate studies, and met her husband, Brian, during her time there.  She graduated magna cum laude with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science in 2008, and both she and Brian moved to the DC area to pursue graduate studies later that year.  Adrienne earned her Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from The Institute for the Psychological Sciences in 2010.

Adrienne and Brian were married in August 2011 and have two sons. She is excited to be able to combine her loves of science and helping others by working as a FertilityCare™ practitioner, and spreading the “good news” of Natural Family Planning to others. As of 2015, Adrienne now lives in Louisiana.

Currently teaching in: Baton Rouge, LA.
Available for long-distance teaching via Skype.
Please contact Adrienne at